When is a Sale Price Not a Sale Price?

To me a sale price should be a discount from a regular price and the two prices should be clearly marked so a shopper can make a comparison and determine if the sale price is of value? But what if you don’t know the original price. Is it really a sale?

A local restaurant launched a special month long promotion offering prices rolled back to the

Not a Sale
Not a Sale

1990’s. They used banners at their location and advertised in the local newspaper which caught my eye.

As we go to this restaurant once a year and always found their food excellent I thought I would pack up the kids and check out what 1990’s pricing was like. Now they did not specify early 1990’s or late 1990’s so I wasn’t sure if we were rolling back 10 years or 20 years, but it still seemed like a great deal.

We arrived at the restaurant which seemed busy for a Tuesday night and were shown to our table. A crisp, new menu was handed to each of us and I eagerly opened it to see the difference in pricing between the 1990’s and 2009. The new looking menus should have prepared me for this, but there was no 2009 price stroked out with the 1990’s price beside it. There was no hint at comparison in fact. The regular dishes were there with a single price beside them.

When the waiter came by I cheekily asked him “How do we know that these are prices from the 1990’s?” His clever response was “Don’t they look lower than our regular prices?” I guess that would have been a fair question if I had been to the restaurant in June, but all I saw was Chicken Souvlaki at $ 12.95 and as far as I was concerned that seemed like a regular price to me. A poll around our table established that $ 12.95 was lower than most Greek Restaurants, but the lack of follow-through on what should have been a great promotion left me thinking I had been had..and the service wasn’t great either. Was service in the 1990’s bad?

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  1. Janae says:

    I can relate, I hate when I go shopping and the clothes are supposed to be on sale but they are only marked down like a dollar or the price is still too high and the discount price should be marked down some more to make the real sale price. Some things just aren’t worth what they are priced on sale or not.

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