Are You Thinking About A Website – or Updating Yours?

For those of you who subscribe to this blog I admit that this is a bit of an ad disguised as a blog post so you are forewarned. But if you or anyone you know wants to learn more about websites then it will be of interest to you. I can’t always blog about marketing because even a marketing guy needs to be marketing.

I  have been helping clients gain an internet presence for the past few years with most of them using a customizable, templated website from a company called Ubertor based in Vancouver, BC.  Coincidentally they were recently awarded the Most Innovative Web Service Award at the Real Estate Connect Conference in San Francisco.

The five main reasons I selected Ubertor as a supplier of websites are:

Click for a larger image
Click for a larger image
  1. The sites are totally optimized for search engines.
  2. They have a built in blog which attracts search engines like bees to honey.
  3. There are no contracts. It is month to month.
  4. They have a Content Management System in the back-end a 5 year old can use.
  5. They are affordable. As low as $9.99 a month for a business or service. Real estate specific versions range from $ 37 to $ 77 per month depending on the number of listings etc.

And the number one reason is the new website design they have announced.

Take a look at my sample website using the light red theme which features some of the enhancements including an optional flash banner which really catches the reader’s eye. The first thing you will notice is the full screen width, enhanced menu bar and 3 column layout. There are about 20 different banners that you might find interesting.

The new template is modern looking, easier to navigate, full screen and displays information more effectively. It screams WEB 2.0!

It is a widescreen template with an excellent menu layout, 3 columns, customizable and comes in 14 different color combinations. (click here to see the blue samples)


To kick off this new template I have a special offer for you. The first 4 months for only $ 1.00.  A savings of between $ 40 and $ 300 depending on which service you pick. Click here to register for the service or call me at 800-568-8338.

What if I am an existing Ubertor user?

While an existing Ubertor user can upgrade to the new template just by going to Set-up – Template and choose “Ubertor Top Widescreen Beta” there is one small catch and that is your existing banners are too narrow for the new look. That is where I come in. I have dozens of banners you can choose from, some of which you can see by clicking here or I can modify your existing banner to work with the wider template. Click here for examples.

On a more technical note the home page can now be customized with a number of embedded widgets or small programs such as:

  • Search Site
  • Agent Info (Business Card)
  • Blog Items
  • Custom HTML
  • Page Content
  • Listing Category
  • Single Specific Listing
  • Fetch content from external URL
  • Featured Listings

What does an upgrade cost for an existing user?
My fee for a typical upgrade is in the range of $ 75.00 to $225.00 depending on the number of banners that need to be modified. The low range assumes one banner. It also depends on the number of widgets (see above) you want to add to the home page.  It might be a good time to have me update other things on your website to make it more search engine friendly.

How long does it take?
Typically by the next day the new template is fully operational.

Does everything I have work with the new template?
Yes the template has been fully tested.

How do I get started?
1. Pick a color.
2. Give some consideration to the banner or banners you would like.
3. Call me at 604-618-5512 or 800-568-8338 or send me an email.

What else can I add?
Ubertor has announced custom badges for your listing photos. See an example by clicking here where it says Incredible Investment across the listing picture. I can also offer at no charge the Featured Listing option which is normally a $ 295.00 one-time charge. This alone pays for the new website.

What if this is my first website?
Please call me to discuss the options and I will provide you an estimate. You can see samples of some of my website clients by clicking here. Most of them are Realtors, but with this new template I think this is the best solution of all for an y kind of business.

If you enjoyed this article and don’t want to miss the next one click here to get my marketing posts by email as soon as they are published. You will be prompted for an email address and you are set to go.

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