Marketing Definitions from the Top Marketers on Twitter

The SystemicMarketing web site and blog will launch next month, but in the meantime they have asked the top marketing book authors, marketing professors, marketing analysts, and CMOs on Twitter to share their favorite definitions of marketing. Here are a few, but the rest can be viewed on their website:

My definition of marketing goes something like this:

“Good ideas are a dime a dozen, but implementation is priceless!” – Mike Blaney

“Marketing is how value is created, commuted, and communicated from a firm or person to a customer.”
–Dave Aron, Associate Professor at Dominican University

“Marketing encompasses activities that maximize the value to the customer and the return on investment when bringing a product or service to market.”
–Sam Decker, Chief Marketing Officer at Bazaarvoice

“Good marketing is developing trust between a consumer and a product. Great marketing is developing trust between a consumer and a product without the consumer even knowing it happened.”
–Jesse Friedman, Professor at Johnson & Wales University

“Marketing: to identify, acquire, and retain higher-margin clients.”
–David Harkleroad, Chief Marketing Officer at Hay Group

Marketing is communicating to your customers and prospects what you want them to do and why.”
–Simms Jenkins, Author of “The Truth About E-mail Marketing” from FT Press

“Marketing is understanding customers’ needs, and then fulfilling those needs better than anyone else.”
–Jim Lyons, Professor at the University of Phoenix

Marketing is telling a story to a targeted customer segment that they want or need to hear — resulting in some behavior change or transaction. In order to build a long-term relationship with the customer, the story must be valuable, relevant, compelling, and consistent, and must truly solve the customer’s pain points.”
–Joe Pulizzi, Coauthor of “Get Content, Get Customers: Turn Prospects into Buyers with Content Marketing” from McGraw-Hill

Marketing is the process of persuading others that what you have is what they’ve always wanted.”
–Michael Stelzner
Author of “Writing White Papers: How to Capture Readers and Keep Them Engaged” from WhitePaperSource Publishing

“Marketing is an integrated communications process which develops messaging that attempts to gain attention from people in order to accomplish specific objectives.”
–Eric Yaverbaum
Coauthor of “Public Relations For Dummies: Second Edition” from John Wiley & Sons

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