Collaborative Branding

There is a new concept in collaborative branding called Freshly Branded which I am going to watch. I have tried to participate in a number of these “marketing ideafreshly branded submission websites”, but the reward is never equal to the effort invested. I also feel like I am giving away too much, but this one may be different.

What is Freshly Branded?

Rather than going to a traditional design or marketing firm that can cost tens of thousands of dollars, Freshly Branded offers these services at a fraction of the cost (as low as $99) by allowing creative people from all over the world to compete. Held in a contest type format, the creative will submit their work for review to the business and after the contest has ended will choose the best one. Freshly Branded simply acts as a sort of intermediary to connect the business with the creative and makes sure interaction between the business and the creative goes smoothly.

What are Projects?

Projects are an open call to work on a particular creative need by a business. The Project creator, usually a small business, will provide a brief detailing what they need from the creative community. Typical projects include logo design, slogans, business and product names, etc.

How does a Project work?

The project creators write a brief describing what they want. They choose an award amount and finalize payment which is then held in escrow by Freshly Branded. The project is then posted on our site and creatives from all over the world will submit their concepts. After the project time has ended (typically 2 weeks) the project creator picks a winner. Freshly Branded will then attain the appropriate necessary files from the project winner and transfer the files. Once the files have been delivered the payment is sent from our escrow account to the winning creative, all rights to the winning project are transferred from the creative to the business.

How much does it cost to post a project?
To offer the service, Freshly Branded takes a flat $39 US fee plus 10% of the awarded amount. We also offer a couple of other services for a flat fee.

It is free for the creative community to submit their concepts to projects.

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