Client Appreciation Versus Client Referral Events

Clients sometimes confuse client appreciation events with client referral events and while the difference seems subtle, done correctly a client appreciation event will bring in referrals naturally as a result of the feeling of goodwill it generates whereas a client referral event is very much a business development exercise.

  • Client Appreciation Event is to thank current business clients.
  • Client Referral Event is for clients to bring one or more of their “qualified” friends to meet you.

A Client Appreciation Event assists businesses in retaining existing clients and developing repeat business, whereas a Referral Event is a vehicle to attract new clients. But remember, clients go where they are invited, and they stay only where they are appreciated.

Here are some ideas for a Client Appreciation event ranging from a few dollars per client up to about $ 100 per client. All of these need “fleshing” out to make them work, but they give you some food for thought. They are not all my ideas so thanks to all who have contributed.

  1. Put on an old-fashioned family picnic (bouncy castles etc)
  2. Take clients to sports events (football, baseball, basketball, hockey, etc.)
  3. Put together a Wine & Cheese tasting at a local restaurant or wine store
  4. Chocolate tasting at a local Chocolatier
  5. Host a dinner cruise
  6. Invite clients to a theater event
  7. Have a mobile spa come to your event (in Dallas try A Spa Affair)
  8. Rent a movie theatre for a first-run movie
  9. Host a holiday party
  10. Have a wardrobe consultant give a presentation
  11. Casino Night with proceeds to a charity
  12. Invite clients to a cooking class
  13. Rent out a public pool for a family swim night
  14. Host a tail gate party at a sports event
  15. Organize a family hike with a picnic after
  16. Invite people to a tournament (golf, baseball, croquet etc)
  17. Hot air balloon rides
  18. Weekly dance lessons for clients
  19. Create a Scavenger Hunt for clients and a have a party after
  20. Rent the IMAX Theatre for a special showing
  21. Take them to the horse race track and give them $ 25 to gamble
  22. Have a Magician teach clients magic tricks
  23. Hire a relevant Speaker
  24. Reserve cars or go-carts at the local car race track and invite clients to drive them
  25. Sports Fishing charter
  26. Dinner & Private showing at an artists home
  27. Whitewater rafting trip
  28. Rent out a spa and provide 2 treatments per client
  29. Evening golf lessons with a Pro

Have fun and make sure your clients feel appreciated.

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