My Top Blog Posts for 2009

Thank you to all of my subscribers and readers. Without you I would be talking to myself. I hope you all have a great 2010 and if there is anything I can do to assist you in your marketing please drop me a line, ring me, email me or call me.

These are the most read posts and pages from my blog. The first post had more than 34,000 views this past year. Does blogging work? Better than all the other forms of social media or online marketing put together!

How to Make Your Business Card Stand Out

Writing a Slogan or Tag Line

5 Ways Men and Women Communicate – Differently

How To Calculate Profit – The Lemonade Stand Method

Open House Tips for Realtors

Donut Boxes etc

Business and Client Appreciation Event Planning

Client Appreciation Versus Client Referrals

Origin of Words and Expressions

Marketing With Twitter

Business Card Tricks – How To Make Them Stand Out

Email Stationery

Creating the Perfect Tagline

More on Headshots


It’s Time To Get Credit For Bringing Donuts

Client Appreciation Events

How To Make Your Business Card Unforgettable

Realtor Marketing – Do Just Sold Flyers Work

Head Shot Do’s and Dont’s

Open House Tip # 1 – Remove Your Shoes Sign

Marketing With Your Email Signature

Tips For Writing Your Professional Bio

Innovative Point of Sale Advertising Idea

A Vending Machine That Dispenses Free Samples

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