Top 10 Effective Marketing Strategies for Realtors

According to survey results released today by real estate marketing company HomeGain referrals remains the number one activity for Realtors, but surprisingly print outscores social media. It will be interesting to see it this changes in the coming year.

Top 10
Top 10 Marketing Tools for Realtors

The other interesting conundrum is a California Association of Realtors study shows only 22% of home buyers are happy with their Realtor compared to 79% of respondents in 2004.  According to the study, which is a reflection of the housing crisis in the U.S., 64% of sellers said “the house took too long to sell” and 51% said, “We didn’t get the price we wanted.” No kidding. And you blame your Realtor? So if you are a Realtor in the U.S. sitting back waiting for referrals you could be waiting a long time.

1. Referrals (Scored 8.7 out of a possible 10)
2. Featured Listings (4.8)
3. Email Campaigns (4.7)
4. Postcards/Mailers (4.6)
5. Blogging (4.1)
6. Online Lead Generation Services (4.0)
7. Facebook (4.0)
8. LinkedIn (3.6)
9. Outdoor Ads (3.6)
10. Print Ads (3.6)

* (Cumulative Average Scores, 1 = Least Effective /10 = Most Effective)

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