Friday’s Marketing Free For All

All week I bookmark articles and websites that I want to write about and then all of a sudden it is Friday and I have shared none of them. This week I thought I would summarize what marketing gems I have uncovered and let you decide if they are of any interest:

1 Thumb Up Ideas
  1. An Outlook add-in that saves me hours
  2. A meeting and appointment tool
  3. Shocking News for Realtors
  4. 8 Reasons why Email Marketing rocks
  5. A tool that allows you to create forms in minutes

1) Outlook Contacts Time Saver – Copy2Contact

Copy2Contact lets you grab, review, and save new contacts and appointments in just seconds! It’s guaranteed to change the way you use your address book and calendar. No more re-typing errors or tedious cutting and pasting!
Works with contacts and appointments found in email, web directories, search results, documents, and any text on your screen. Use it right on your BlackBerry or iPhone too!

I tried this cool add-in for the 14 day period and bought it for $ 34.95 as soon as the free trial expired as I cannot live without it. I even downloaded the free iPhone app.

2) Incredible New Appointment Tool –

What will they think of next? I have been looking for a way to set up appointments with clients to review the progress on things like their websites or email stationery, but coordinating a time is awkward. Now I just direct them to my Tungle calendar (click here), they choose convenient slots from the available times, I receive an email, confirm the appointment, the time is blocked out, it is added to my Outlook Calendar automatically and the client receives a confirmation email.

From their website “ eliminates costly double bookings, frustrating time zone mishaps and the endless back and forth of finding a time to meet. It makes it quick and easy to schedule meetings, and it works hand-in-hand with your calendar: Outlook (with or without Exchange), Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Entourage for Mac and Lotus Notes (Notes currently in closed beta. Email us to get the beta version)”

3) For My Realtor Readers – Shocking Study Of Sellers’ Ways Of Picking Their Agent

The April 2010 issue of “Texas Realtor” shows interesting results of a new survey of home sellers.

  • 62% of home sellers only interviewed one agent before listing their home.
  • 19% of home sellers talked to three agents before they selected one
  • 22% were more interested in determining the list price that would make their home competitive than any other service a listing agent would provide.
  • 1% thought professional designations were important when picking their agent.  The other 99% didn’t see the value to be of consequence.
  • 3% found picked their agent by walking in or calling a real estate office and speaking to the agent who had floor duty at the time they called.

How does this affect your future marketing?

4) 8 Reasons Why E-mail Marketing Works (Excerpted from RISmedia)
Written by Wendy Lowe

When surveyed retailers for their State of Retailing Online 2009 report, they found that e-mail was the most-mentioned successful tactic overall. The Ad Effectiveness Survey commissioned by Forbes Media in February/March 2009 placed e-mail marketing second only to SEO for generating conversions. And, research conducted in 2009 by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) demonstrated that e-mail out-performs all other forms of direct marketing.

1. Email marketing has a broad reach. It’s tough to find anyone who doesn’t have at least one e-mail address these days

2. Email marketing is proactive. Email marketing goes directly to a place they’re already looking – their e-mail in-box.

3. Email marketing is targeted. Email marketing is based on the idea of sending the right message directly to the right people based on their preferences, local market conditions and other factors.

4. Email marketing provides data. Sending one offer or message to half your list and a different one to the other half, so you can get a better feel for what exactly makes customers and prospects buy from you.

5. Email marketing allows you to engage. Email marketing allows you to convey useful information.

6. Email marketing has a low cost of entry.

7. Email marketing is less intrusive. Email marketing doesn’t interrupt a prior activity to deliver a message. Opening email is already the activity your customers and prospects are engaged in when they see your message.

8. Email marketing works. According to the DMA’s research, e-mail marketing generated a return on investment of $43.62 for every dollar spent on it in 2009. You’re unlikely to find that kind of ROI out of any other form of marketing or advertising.

5) Google Docs Form Feature

If you haven’t signed up for Google Docs and used their form feature you are missing out on an incredible tool. I can create a fill-in-the-blank form, complete with drop down menus, radio buttons, multiple choices etc and insert it into a web page …in mere minutes. Best of all when someone completes the form the data is automatically added to an Excel spreadsheet where you can view and manipulate the data any way you want. Click here to see a sample I created in 4 minutes.

One way I use this feature is by creating an inquiry form. When someone calls or emails I complete the form and submit it so I have a record of all  inquiries. I will also add this to my websites shortly.

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