Ever Wonder What Words People Type Into Google?

There is a nifty keyword tracking tool from Wordtracker Labs called Keyword Tracker that you can use to determine how people might be trying to locate your product or service. The free service looks like a “lite” version of the more extensive Keyword Tool which costs $ 59.00 per month, but the free version gives you valuable insight into the minds of the internet surfer.

People often type questions into search engines. Now you can find these questions, answer them and get some great search traffic.

I typed in the word “website” as I design websites for clients using a great template from Ubertor and I was interested in what people search for when they want a new website. Below are the top 10 results. The first observation is the verb for developing a new website. The word “make” is most popular, but “build” and “create” are used interchangeably. With clients I think of it as building or designing a website, but the word design does not even rank. This is a hint that I may want to change some of my content to reflect this.

Results from search for word "website"

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  1. Hi Mike,

    How is this any different from what the Key Word Tool does in Adwords?



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