Is This Where Billboards Are Going?

A while back I wrote a blog post about QR Codes like the one above. To refresh your memory a QR code is a unique image that when scanned by an iPhone or similar device it will link you back to a website or function in a number of different ways. I had suggested that with the proliferation of iPhones and like devices we might see more of these QR codes in advertising, but I never dreamed they would be used on a billboard.

A billboard in New York City is using this augmented reality in a Calvin Klein ad. Instead of beautiful model frolicking with her friends, people passing by with a smartphone can snap a picture of this QR Code and it will them to a steamy 40-second ad which plays as a video on their phone. You can even scan this from this post to view it for yourself. You will need the App for scanning which is easy to find through the App store on your phone.

A billboard, of course, is not well suited to this novel technology, but this sure gets your attention.

Here is a YouTube video which shows you the actual billboard.

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