Google Wonder Wheel

Google never ceases to amaze me with their innovations in search technology. It actually makes you wonder how much more they know that they aren’t telling us…but that doesn’t matter when they have great products like Google Wonder Wheel. (not a Google website)

To start your own search use Google to search for “Wonder Wheel” and then look on the left for this option.

Google Wonder Wheel is a wheel (of wonder) which shows related search terms to the current searched query and thus enables you to explore relevant search terms which might be the ones you originally wanted to search for, or simply give you more options to gain more information.

Clicking on one of the search terms will open a new wheel of relevant search terms and so on. The wonder wheel is meant to provide a more visual display of relevant search terms and keywords for the user. This tool is a built in mind mapper with the intention to sort out search results in a logical way of relevancy creating a visual wheel of terms that can make your searching enjoyable and time effective at the same time.

Wonder Wheel Result Full Screen

As you might know I own an email stationery company called inboxFX Communications so I did a Wonder Wheel search for “email stationery” with the results below. The results give me some insight into what terms I should be including in my website

Specific Mind Map for "Email Stationery"

I also did a search for “Vancouver Real Estate” and then clicked on one of the results “West Vancouver Real Estate” which opened a second mind map.

Search for Vancouver Real Estate and then clicking on a term

Not all search terms are available, but you should give it a try to improve your rankings in search engines.

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