Twitter, Facebook or Email: Who’s Most Likely to Buy?

ExactTarget and coTweet took a look at this question in their latest report, The Collaborative Future.

Twitter, Facebook and Email (as in subscription based email marketing) are three marketing strategies being used by almost every company in North America to some degree. The recipients of Twitter, Facebook and Email are known as Followers, Fans and Subscribers. You can almost tell which strategy is more effective by the adjective. It stands to reason Subscribers are more loyal and interested in your offering than a Fan or Follower.

So what are the conclusions of this exhaustive report?

Email is the most broadly-used communication channel (when compared to twitter and facebook) and is likely to drive increased purchase intent among the largest number of online consumers. Combined with the high value consumers place on trust and privacy and their expectations for relevant and exclusive content, email should serve as the cornerstone for brands’ retention marketing strategies.

Facebook is the least-effective channel to drive increased purchase behavior. Consumers generally become FANS of a brand in real life before they become FANS on Facebook. As a result, they’re already purchasing from and endorsing their FANNED brands. Since FANS may not be capable of purchasing more, their greatest value to marketers lies in spreading their true message to other Facebook friends and contacts. If you haven’t yet empowered your FANS to spread your brand’s message, what are you waiting for? This can be the most powerful way to acquire new audiences and increase ROI.*According to a study by Syncapse, Facebook FANS spend more, are more loyal, are more likely to recommend, and have more affinity for the brands they FAN.

Twitter is the channel most likely to drive increased purchases and recommendations after a consumer chooses to become a brand’s follower. The challenge for marketers? Only 3% of U.S. online consumers are actually FOLLOWING at least one brand. But it’s important to remember that while this percentage is much smaller than either SUBSCRIBERS or FANS, these consumers are the most vocal and influential group that exists online. And these FOLLOWERS’ influence isn’t limited to Twitter alone, often carrying Twitter topics and messages to other areas of the internet through blogs, private forums, and product reviews. As a result, you must keep this group of consumers happy in order to get the most bang for your marketing buck.

In my experience Facebook has contributed nothing in the way of business, but it is a great way to kill a few hours stalking. In spite of a planned strategy to Tweet only marketing related ideas Twitter has been a bust as far as direct business, but an amazing source of information I would never have learned about.

For me email marketing and this blog are the two main marketing tools that are effective for me with the blog being the most important tool for new business.  If you are not blogging you really need to sit down and evaluate where your business is coming from because for me there is no more effective tool.

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  1. Richard Rezek says:

    Nice posting and made me think about my own social media plan and habits. Like you, I have learned some amazing stuff from Twitter. Seems like going with your strenghts of email and blogging is working. Keep it going.

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