Cloud Computing…Now Cloud Storage?

There is a new service called Storage By Mail that you use to store boxes or packages. You pack it, mail it and they store it. I am highlighting this service as it was a $ 50,000 winner in the MassChallenge Global Startup competition. (See other good ideas below that did well in the competition)

StorageByMail maintains a world-class storage facility in New Jersey.

How Does It Work?

  1. Customers of the service begin by creating an account and an online description of any package of goods they’d like to send into storage.
  2. Next, they print a custom, prepaid USPS shipping label for each box they’d like to send; (a mobile app is available to send a label to the nearest fax machine.) The labels ensure safe passage for the goods through the U.S. Postal Service to StorageByMail’s warehouse.
  3. When the customer wants them back, he or she simply requests return delivery and the company will ship them out the next business day.

Storage pricing ranges from USD 4.99 per month per cubic foot for a pay-as-you-go option to USD $249 per month for an annual plan including 100 boxes of any size and free return-trip shipping. For consumers with just a single box to store, there is no charge.

Who Needs The Service?

  • Students
  • Military Personnel Overseas
  • People Relocating
  • Apartment Dwellers

Other MassChallenge Global Startup competition Good Ideas

3PlayMedia – We provide premium transcription and captioning services at near-perfect accuracy and very competitive prices. Unlike traditional transcripts, our transcripts are time-synchronized word for word. This marriage of media and text creates precise captions and time-stamped transcripts. It also allows users to search, navigate, and interact with your media through an embeddable interactive transcript. –  Embedly, Inc. provides a service which makes every URL on the internet embeddable for any website or web application in which it is posted. Currently, we serve over 500,000 embeds per day to over 200 sites.

Embedly works on the notion that links do not engage users unless they have relevant content around them. There are numerous links moving quickly through the internet everyday via social media and news sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg, and Reddit. Click-thru rates are being reduced as the amount of links multiply.

Embedly is able to turn links into relevant content which users want in various web applications ranging from websites and blogs to forums and social media sites. When using Embedly a typical Amazon link is transformed into an interesting embedded product listing complete with an image, price and rating. A link to CNN becomes a video, a Flickr link an image, and a Foursquare link a map and venue listing.

Locately – Locately is pioneering the science of consumer location analytics. Our proprietary data mining engine analyzes location data collected from opted-in mobile phones. Our goal is to understand what consumers are doing in the real world: where people shop, how they get to and from a given location, which stores they drive past, and much more. Our customers include retailers, brands, media companies, and consumer insights professionals in related fields.

Zyyra – Zyrra is a revolution in bra shopping: bras that fit and are fun to shop for. Made-for-you bras let you design the bras that will make you feel and look your best.

Direct sales, through parties or one-on-one, not only makes bra shopping more fun it also makes it possible to provide you with affordable customized bras. And without a store tying us down to one location, we can sell you bras wherever you are.

If you have a good idea or concept and are interested in participating in next year’s MassChallenge competition or receiving information about sponsorship opportunities, please click here.

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