My Top 25 Blog Posts for 2010

Everybody needs a list to end the year so I am publishing My Top 25 Blog Posts for 2010. This was a milestone year as I surpassed 500,000 views of my blog yesterday.

Writing a Slogan or Tag Line
How to Make Your Business Card Stand Out
Critiquing Catchy Real Estate Slogans
Open House Tips for Realtors
5 Ways Men and Women Communicate – Differently
Donut Boxes etc
Business and Client Appreciation Event Planning
Business Card Tricks – How To Make Them Work!
Email Stationery
Creating the Perfect Tagline
Realtor Postcard Marketing Ideas
Client Appreciation Versus Client Referral Events
How To Calculate Profit – The Lemonade Stand Method
Innovative Point of Sale Advertising Ideas
More on Headshots
Origin of Words and Expressions
Realtor Marketing – Do Just Sold Flyers Work?
A Vending Machine That Dispenses Free Samples
Head Shot Do’s and Dont’s
Photo Editing – More Fun Than a Picnik
Sponsoring Golf Holes
Advertising Headlines for Home Ads
Open House Tip # 1 – Remove Your Shoes Sign
Tips For Writing Your Professional Bio

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