QR Codes – Rising Star or Yesterday’s Gimmick?

Are you familiar with QR codes? The weird images that look like a maze like the one to the right?

QR Code for Reaching http://www.mikeblaney.com

If you have a Smartphone and you have a QR Reader on it you can scan or take a picture of this code and it will take your Smartphone browser right to my website.

I am starting to include this in my email signature as I know there are some enlightened readers that might get a kick out of scanning it and seeing where it takes them.

These codes can be added to just about any media such as clothing, printed on business cards, on websites, posters, billboards or any other kind of printed literature. Essentially the technology is becoming popular as an URL shortener. You don’t have to remember the url; you just take a picture.

I have read that outside of the U.S., QR codes have become a staple of everyday life. One article states that in most of Europe and Japan, for example, it’s difficult to walk a single block without seeing QR codes working to do everything from providing commuters with updated mass transit schedules to showing a restaurant’s current menu to even initiating a product purchase. On a recent trip to London and Paris I can’t say I saw many.

QR Codes are becoming popular in Real Estate. A Realtor can place a QR code on the For Sale sign and when scanned will take the buyer right to the listing on the Realtor’s website. One company, Mobile Real Estate ID has created the OneCode™ QR management system which solves the problem of needing to have a different code for each listing. With OneCode™, you have one QR code, and it’s the first and last code you will ever need. “Simply use this code on all of your For Sale signs with zero management or technical skills and your potential buyers can access your property info, pictures and contact information within 60 seconds. No need to manage multiple codes, no swapping stickers, no reprinting signs.”

Online Payment Systems

There is a company in Vancouver, BC called Mobio that is taking QR codes to the next level. One example is a payment system set up with coffee shops that are linked to your credit so you can just scan and pay. They have also created QR Codes in newscasts on TV that viewers can scan to enter a contest. Their main strategy is online payment systems.

Ultimate Article on QR Codes

The ultimate article on uses for QR Codes goes to this blog post “101 Uses For Quick Response (QR) Codes: Creating Audience Engagement With The Next Killer US App” Reading through this will definitely open your eyes to opportunities.

Scanner Software

There are many vendors for QR software. Here is a partial list:

KAYWA Reader Nokia Reader
i-nigma Reader Lynkee Reader
UpCode QuickMark
SnapMaze BeeTagg
NeoReader MobileTag

To answer my own headline I think there is life in QR codes and as the base of phones grows so will the popularity of QR Codes. I think companies like Mobio are the ones that will pull through the demand.

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