10 Marketing Tools You Can’t Survive Without

From Wikipeida – Marketing is used to identify the customer, to satisfy the customer and to keep the customer.

With the advent of the internet, email and social media we are faced with more marketing tools now than ever before. While we all have different audiences there are tried and true marketing tools which every person in sales should have. These are not in order of importance, but they are all important to maximize your efficiency and effectiveness.

1) Pre-written email templates

Don’t reinvent the wheel with every email. Store “canned” emails as templates or in Notepad so you can cut and paste a quick, but effective response.

2) Email Signature or Email Stationery

Depending on what email software you use you should at the very least have a signature with all of the relevant contact information that is automatically attached to each email. The next step up us email stationery like we create at inboxFX Communications.

3) Testimonials

Ask for and collect testimonials from your customers and have them ready to add to an email or letter and have them all over your website to help build credibility.

4) Customer, Sphere of Influence and Prospect List

Whether you use Outlook, a Word document, Excel spreadsheet or proper CRM software you have to have a list of you clients and prospects available at your fingertips. The next thing is to learn to merge this list with a Word document so you can quickly send personalized letters.

5) Your Voicemail Message

Fine tune your message so it doesn’t state the obvious; “I’m not available to take your call, but…” It is a point of contact and a chance to convey your brand.

6) Social Media

I am going to lump in Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other  media as a tool that can help your marketing. More often than not customers are checking you out on the internet and it is not always a company website they are looking at.

7) Elevator speech / pitch

Can you answer in 10 seconds or less the question “so what do you do?” These are the most important 10 seconds of your prospecting life so be ready. Here is one I use for general meetings “My name is Mike Blaney and I am a marketing guy specializing in providing a wide range of marketing services to small businesses. I provide a complete range of services from the creative to design to layout right through to printing and implementation. With more than 30 years of experience in a variety of businesses I have learned that while “good ideas are a dime a dozen, implementation is priceless.” Check out an older blog post about this.

8) Hand-written Notes and Thank You Notes

I can’t stress enough what an impact a hand-written note or thank you note can have on a client or customer. Most of us keep them on our desk for weeks as if they were made of gold. My 20 year old daughter’s bank sent her a hand-written note thanking her for coming in to the branch to discuss an investment and she told everybody about it. It was her first ever! Remember to write the address and name by hand. This can be your secret weapon…because nobody else is doing it!!!. Check out one of my earlier blog posts.

9) Website

I can’t believe in 2011 there are still companies, Realtors and professionals without websites. The demise of the Yellow Pages (angry hate emails to come from this statement) means more people turn to the internet to find a product or service. Don’t you? Without a website you not only lose a potential customer, but you also lose credibility in my opinion as more consumers see a website as a basic requirement and use it to build trust with a supplier.

What is just as damaging is an outdated website that has not been updated in months or years. I can declare an obvious conflict of interest here as one of my key services is developing websites using the Ubertor platform. In the past year I have created or updated more than 100 websites with measurable results for my clients. Check it out by clicking here.

10) Blog

This is a word that makes most people’s eyes glaze over as if it was a punishment rather than a marketing tool. It is no secret that search engines like Google and Bing rank websites that are dynamic and updated regularly ahead of static, dormant websites. The logic is that the website or blog that is updated frequently contains more relevant information. The other secret about blogging is that it feeds search engines. Blog posts written using the key words that people use to search for your product or service are more likely to be on page one of a search because the search engines want to provide the most relevant results.

Want proof? This blog averages more than 700 views each week day reaching an all time high of 899 views on Tuesday. Yesterday I had more than 131 views of a blog post from a couple of years ago about slogans and tag lines. In the past week I have had 3 phone calls from people wanting to hire me to create a slogan or tag line. From that I have two website orders. Proof!

Writing a Slogan or Tag Line – 131 Views

How to Make Your Business Card Stand Out – 110 Views

Critiquing Catchy Real Estate Slogans – 27Views

St. Patrick’s Day Marketing Idea – 22views

There are more than 10 marketing tools that you need and these are in no apparent order, but if you focus on developing these 10 your business will improve to the point where you can take time to introduce other marketing tools.

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