10 (Business) Reasons to Participate in Social Media

Christine Whittemore wrote a great article about Social Media in Marketing Profs Daily Fix. She is an advocate of Social Media and points out where it intersects with traditional advertising.

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Whereas traditional advertising attempts to bypass the brain and go straight to the heart, social media addresses potential buyers’ needs for intellectual satisfaction with specific knowledge (i.e., content and context). The result: You build a business brand that customers not only feel is great, but know it is, too.

She also points out that not being involved with Social Media says something about your company.

Although social media delivers SEO benefits (and not having a business presence on LinkedIn and Facebook says something about you), the most critical aspect of participating in social media has to do with connecting with people. And, yes, people (customers) are expecting to be connected with.

So other than these 10 reasons why does she recommend Social Media?

After all, these are social tools that enable interaction with other people. The more you embrace connecting with others, the more benefits the tools deliver.

Here are Christine Whittemore’s 10 Business Reasons (her original post on Marketing Profs is here)

1. You demonstrate to potential customers that you are human and care about their world.

2. You bring to life an externally focused mindset. (See Retail Outward Not Inward: Time To Refocus.)

3. Social media allows you to bring to life your otherwise static brochure-like website with a dynamic presence.

4. You address in a public forum the questions and concerns your customers have about your products and services—which are being asked anyway without your participation.

5. You participate in the conversations taking place that relate to your business, products, industry … and have the opportunity to shape the agenda

6. You manage your reputation.

7. You build a customer community

8. You direct pre-qualified prospects—with whom you’ve already established a relationship—to your website, so you can engage in business.

9. You build your digital visibility and online presence.

10. You remain relevant to customers.

* Courtesy of www.penn-olson.com

My opinion is Social Media requires a balanced, measured approach and does not replace your traditional marketing strategies.

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  1. Mike, thanks so much for continuing the discussion about why businesses should participate in social media. Your opinion “Social Media requires a balanced, measured approach and does not replace your traditional marketing strategies” is sound advice!


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