What Are Your Customers Doing Differently Today Compared to Last Year?

It is no secret the world is changing and people are changing with it. What used to work in marketing a few years ago has experienced a paradigm shift and you can resist social media, blogging and updating websites, but you do so at the peril of your business.

So in what ways have people changed their behaviour?

  1. They Google an address before they would ever think of picking up a yellow pages.
  2. They text their friends, family and even their work-related contacts.
  3. Their smart phone is like a Swiss Army knife; it can do almost anything they want and answer almost any question.
  4. They don’t blindly trust the biggest companies will always be in business.
  5. They pick a restaurant from an App on their phone.
  6. They can pay for things with their phone.
  7. They use the internet to check you out before they do business with you.
  8. Social media is not going to go away. Your customers Tweet; use Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn among many other forms of social media.
  9. They read blogs to research topics of interest.
  10. They can speak out more loudly and widely on the internet when they are satisfied or dissatisfied with your product or service. Google +1 is a good example.
  11. They expect your website to be informative and easy to navigate.
  12. They are not reading newspapers and magazines as often as they used to.
  13. They expect a quick response.
  14. Their loyalty is unpredictable.
  15. They call friends long distance for free using Skype and Google Talk.
  16. They use “Deal A Day” websites to get items at a discount.

These are just a handful of the ways people are changing in the way they research, choose and communicate. Stay up with the pack or lose touch with your customers. Call me, Mike Blaney, 800-568-8338 if you need some help.

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