Marketing to the Low Hanging Fruit

It has been a while since I wrote on my blog and I regret taking the time off as this blog is The Customer Low Hanging Fruit Treea key source of new business for me. So you can expect more regular hopefully useful information in the new year.

As I reflect on my business in 2011 and plan for 2012, I decided to take my own advice about where I should focus my prospecting activities this year. I am going to create marketing strategies that will attract the “low hanging fruit”. I am going to focus on  the past clients who would benefit from my services again and encourage past clients to refer new business to me. I am not going to spend as much time on Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus or any other social media trying to attract total strangers.

I know this advice seems so obvious, but ask yourself where did your customers or clients hear about you. I made a presentation to a group of Realtors and asked them the same question and the overwhelming response was their clients were repeat clients, referrals from clients or people they had met at open houses. Few worked with a total stranger.

So I put together a simple spreadsheet for the group of Realtors so they could determine where they should focus their efforts and added marketing tools they could use to reach that particular group. Click the link for your own copy. While the tools might differ, you get the idea.

So who are the low hanging fruit? Past clients / customers, friends, people you meet, relatives and referrals. Your raving fans who have already done business with you or have been referred to you. This may seem obvious, but how much of your marketing is directed at reaching and nurturing this group? Are you mailing personal letters, making phone calls, sending note cards, writing personal emails, mailing newsletters, giving them “Items of Value” or meeting face to face?

Or are you spending your marketing budget and time reaching total strangers through print ads, direct mail, social media and your website?

There is nothing wrong with marketing to strangers, but your time and budget should be allocated proportionately.  If 80% of your business comes from clients and referrals that is where 80% of your marketing time and budget should be directed. Marketing to the low hanging fruit is not as sexy and exciting, but it is where you can expect the most business from in 2012.

The Customer Low Hanging Fruit Tree
The Customer Low Hanging Fruit Tree

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