10 Most Read Marketing Guy Blog Posts for 2011

Top 10 lists are always interesting so this is a list of the most frequently read blog posts of 2011. The first blog post about writing slogans and tagline had 37,550 views in 2011 and has had 97,774 views since I published it. The second most popular blog post of all time is How To Make Your Business Card Stand Out with 89,939 views.

Who doubts the power of blogging as a marketing tool now?

Writing a Slogan or Tag Line
How to Make Your Business Card Stand Out
Open House Tips for Realtors
Critiquing Catchy Real Estate Slogans
5 Ways Men and Women Communicate – Differently
Realtor Postcard Marketing Ideas
Top 10 Sales and Marketing Presentation Tips
Client Appreciation Versus Client Referral Events
Advertising Headlines for Home Ads
More on Headshots

My favorite blog posts I wrote in 2011 are:

Marketing to the Low Hanging Fruit

A Marketing Idea That Will Make People With Presbyopia Talk About You!

What Are Your Customers Doing Differently Today Compared to Last Year?

A Marketing Idea That Works Forever! A Kid’s Growth Chart For the Wall

Refrigerator Marketing

Why Won’t They Call Back or Answer My Email?

10 Marketing Tools You Can’t Survive Without

Tips For Writing Your Professional Bio

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