Cool New Tool To Check Things Out Before You Buy

I stumbled across a service that I could have used in the past and always thought was a great idea. Its called We Go Look when you can’t! I haven’t used the service, but I thought you might be interested. I also think their website is excellent.

We Go Look has a network of more than 7,000 Nationwide Looker® Inspectors to complete an ONSITE verification report of the item you wish to purchase or verify. Verify the item’s existence and the seller’s claims.

A basic $ 49.00 report includes the following:

  1. Travel to view items, property or date
  2. Confirm existence of items, property or date
  3. Complete personalized report
  4. Confirm brand, manufacturer, model number, serial number, VIN number, or other markings on item as requested
  5. Provide 10 digital photos
  6. Answers your custom questions

You can add more though if you need to:

  1. Request Custom Tasking: quote
  2. Add a video of your item: $20
  3. Verify and Record dimensions: $8
  4. Deliver an item to shipper: quote
  5. Arrange transportation: $29 plus shipping fee
  6. Add an additional 10 photos of your item: $10
  7. Add an expert photo appraisal of your item: $25
  8. Observe a working demonstration of an item: $20
  9. Add a background check to dating verification: quote
  10. Rush Service: $25

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