Clean Your Inbox of Newsletters With One Click

If you have a lot of email newsletters or other subscriptions clogging up your inbox you have two options to stop them; you can click on the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the news letter or use this new free service called, that can handle unsubscribing to all of them at once. is the easiest way to manage your inbox. Unsubscribe from unwanted email subscriptions, discover new ones and organize them all in one place.

Although still in Beta mode and only available by invitation works with Gmail, Aol Mail, Windows Live Mail, and Yahoo! Mail.

How Does It Do This?

It crawls through your email inbox searching for newsletters then provides you with a list of all your subscriptions. Simply select the ones you don’t want to receive anymore, click Unsubscribe, and handles the rest.

Does it Work?

From an article on by Melanie Pinola she found during a test, found what seemed like a hundred subscriptions—some of which she doesn’t even remember signing up for and others she had just been too lazy to unsubscribe to. Melanie reports the service worked as promised and all she had to do was check off the ones she no longer wanted, submitted them and even got email confirmations from those newsletters that she unsubscribed from.

Melanie also noted that after clicking the fifth subscription you want to unsubscribe from, you will be prompted to refer friends to unsubscribe to the rest in bulk. You can do the referral via email (5 friends), send a tweet, or post a Facebook message.

It even offers a Rollup?

The rollup is a digest that gives you an overview of all the subscriptions you receive each day. The rollup will keep your inbox clean by organizing the subscriptions you receive into a single email.

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