My Name is Mike. How do you like me so far? Or…

I wrote an article a couple of years ago titled Elevator Speech Tips which guides you through the process of whittling down what you do into a simple 10 second statement.

Here is a simple worksheet that you can use to create your elevator speech:

You know how some (your target market)__________________
find themselves (experience the problem of)_______________
Which means that (the outcome of problem)_______________
Well what I do is (your job)_________________
Which helps them (the solution)__________________
The benefit to my clients/customers are (outcome of solution)________

As an additional tool you may want to visit the 15 Second Pitch web site which advertises the 15 second pitch as “An introduction that is concise, compelling and conversational. No elevator required!”

It provides the discipline to actually put into writing what you have been thinking about saying.

My pitch ended up as:

My name is Mike Blaney and I am a marketing guy specializing in providing a wide range of marketing and website services to small businesses and Realtors. Regardless of the project my goal is to ensure you receive value for money and can measure results. When it comes to website I ensure your website is easy to navigate, informative and most importantly it is found through strategic search engine optimization. With more than 30 years of experience in a variety of businesses I have learned that while “good ideas are a dime a dozen, implementation is priceless.”

You can run through the Pitch Wizard in just a few minutes and you have the option of adding it to more than 25,000 other pitches.

So what’s in it for them?  It is a great marketing tool for their services. The co-founder, Laura Allen, teaches people to market themselves more effectively – and have fun getting the word out about what makes them special! Laura is passionate about helping her clients create effective, cohesive personal marketing strategies that excite and inspire them to achieve their personal and professional dreams. She offers courses in Professional Coaching and Networking Essentials.

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