Did You Remember to Sell Today?

I recently attended a 2 day seminar with Richard Robbins presenting. While it was targeted for Realtors I learned a bunch of stuff that has come in handy. The basic premise was moving from a Transactional Mindset (earning a living) to a Business Mindset (building a business).

One key point that I took away that may seem obvious, but is sometimes forgotten, is that businesses fail (or do not succeed) due to their inability to generate business on a consistent basis. Translation – They are not selling their product or service.

So in the interest of helping you generate business I am excerpting a few answers from a question Richard Robbins recently posted on Facebook asking people for their best sales tip.

Keep a Top Ten list of people who may do business in the next 90 days. Do something for all ten every day you are working. Always look to replace people on the list with more likely prospects – keep the best 10 in front of you a all times and continue to market yourself to everyone else in your data base at the same time. This is a sure fire way to double your business in the next 90 days!Robert Crowe

Ask questions to find out what your clients want and expect. If you don’t know what they need, how will you be able to fill those needs? People are to often disappointed as they are not given realistic expectations.Phil LeGree

Treat the experience and your clients like it’s special and magical – do things unexpected and memorable that they will always remember.” Linda Cudney

NEVER interrupt your prospect/client. Give them the opportunity to express themselves fully. Bite your tongue.” John Muirhead

I know these are only the tip of the iceberg, but I want to reinforce that selling is the cornerstone to your success so hone your skills.

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  1. Ron Aguilar says:

    Very interesting point, bite your tongue. I practice this on every phone call, it’s tough sometimes to do. Remind yourself on every conversation whether you are selling or to the best person in your life

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