Save Time With ActiveWords! And a Couple of Other Favorites

Ok this is not directly related to marketing, but as a marketing guy I do a lot of typing and aw_logothat is not one of my strong suits. I tend to add two capital letter to the beginning of words and misspell Vancouver 99% of the time that I type it. I also find myself needing a signature in programs other than email programs. I figured I could save up to 30 minutes per day with the right tool.

I searched the Internet and stumbled across a program called ActiveWords and so far it has been the perfect solution.

ActiveWords is user interface technology that adds a simple and powerful attribute to Windows®, it turns words into actions. You enter or select any words in any context at any time, and are directly connected with services related to the meaning of those words. For example, type the word “notepad” and your Notepad program opens automatically.

You can store a signature and just by typing “signature” your multi-line signature appears. It corrects my spelling in every program. It hyphenates words automatically and it will even initiate an email just by typing a code such as “boss”.

It was easy to set up, but took about an hour to get how to set up some of my own Active Words, but since then I have not looked back.

A Few Other Time Savers – Another great tool for those pesky winmail.dat files attached to emails from Outlook is the website which will convert winmail.dat files to Word or text files.

Adding Contacts to GmailCopy2Contact is the best tool ever to add names to Gmail or Outlook. You simply copy an address block and Copy2Contact will figure out what goes where in the contact form. I paid for the Outlook version, but the Gmail version was free.

Screenshots in FireFox, Chrome or IE – The best tool I have found is Fireshot and I have tried a lot of them. Get it as an App in FireFox and Chrome.

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