The Puppy Pit Stop – The Perfect Solution For Retailers and Dog Lovers

Every once in a while I come across a product that solves a problem that I did not know I had until we looked after a relative’s dog for a week. Taking the dog for a walk meant a visit to the coffee shop where I was faced with the challenge of tying up Zack (within eyesight) while I ran in for a coffee.

I managed to wrap the cord from the retractable handle around a bike rack only to find that untying it was not as easy as I would have liked holding a cup of coffee. It did cross my mind there must be a better way to safely secure your dog while you run into a store. Coincidentally, a few weeks later I met the inventor of a product that solves the problem for dog owners and retailers alike.

Puppy-Pit-Stop-LogoThe Puppy Pit Stop is a patented, dog tethering post that mounts into the pavement or on a wall. It has 5 carabiners which will accommodate the largest retractable handle and has a watering bowl at the base.

The Puppy Pit Stop™ is the perfect solution for customers to secure their dog while shopping, eating, drinking or visiting your business. How many people with dogs are not coming into your business because there is nowhere to tie their dog?

Here are a few installations. You can see more at the end of this blog post.

PPS-Pics-for-WordpressThe alternative:

PPS-Pics-for-Wordpress-Tied-UpI think you get the idea.

The Puppy Pit Stop comes in black or white or choose from six custom color options. They can even match your branding for a small premium.

You can contact them at 604-562-5797 or 800-568-8338. Visit the website for more information


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