12 Questions To Ask Yourself Before 2014

Everyone talks about reviewing the past year and planning for the New Year, but most of Magnifying Glassus don’t. The process seems daunting and depending on the year we have just had it can be depressing reviewing the past or even worse we think there is no room for improvement.

Use these 12 questions to open your mind and start a dialogue with yourself and change is around the corner…

  1. In one sentence describe what your product (or service) does and the benefit of using it?
  2. In one sentence why does someone buy your product or service?
  3. What one thing or trait is most responsible for preventing sales?
  4. How is your revenue distributed across your client base and is there too much dependence on too few clients?
  5. Are there products or services you offer that you should drop next year and are there new ones you should add?
  6. Looking back on the past year where did each new client come from? Repeat, referral, someone you met or a new customer?
  7. If you were forced to hire someone today how would you define their job such that they would contribute enough revenue to cover their expense?
  8. Which of your business operations do you hate?
  9. What aspect of your business needs the most attention?
  10. If you could get one solid hour of advice from someone you respect, what one aspect of your business would you discuss and why?
  11. If I could change one thing about my business it would be _____.
  12. I have to stop ________>

These may not be the 12 questions for your business, but start thinking along these lines and your business can only prosper.

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