5 Simple Things To Improve Your Client Relationships in 2014

Here are 5 simple ways to improve and strengthen your client relationships.

1) Think about them

Remember special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or the day you first started two-babies-looking-over-railingworking with them.  It doesn’t have to be a formal card, but it could be an email or a phone call.  If you really want to impress then send a handwritten note.

2) Be Available

Be available…but not too available. In today’s business environment client’s expect a faster response than in the past. They will call you, text you, email you or even connect via Social Media and they know you are looking at their message almost as soon as they have sent it. But that doesn’t mean you have to drop everything and respond right away. The faster you respond the higher their expectations the next time.

Try and set a reasonable response time. If you’re not going to be available to assist them shortly at least let them know when you will be able to get back to them.

If you have to be “too available” answering your phone is the best way to impress a client and reinforce why they like to work with you.

3) Reward Them

Even regular clients appreciate discounts even though they rarely expect them.  A discount to a regular client a discount is like giving them a ‘loyalty prize’ for working with you over the years.

A reward can take the form of of a free report you create and share with them, pointing them to valuable information or giving them a free product.

4) Over Deliver

When you take on work on behalf of a client they do not always understand the scope of what they are asking for or what you can deliver so make sure you give them what they expect and also what you know they need. You don’t have to charge for this, but you can let them know the extra steps you took.

A great way to over deliver is to under promise.  Tell them you will get them something tomorrow when you know you can do it that day and then surprise them with a faster response. Delivering more than you promised makes clients feel that they are getting value for their money.

5) Say Thank You

Thank your client for everything! Depending on the significance or the occasion or gesture thank them in the form of a handwritten card, a small gift, a phone call or by email. A thank you is not always expected, but always well received.

Most of these are common sense, but sometimes we get busy and in turn hurt our relationships with the people we need the most. Our customers.

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