Best Times to Post on Social Media

According to an article written by Chris Woods on the website  peak usage times for social media differ greatly from platform to platform.  “Consider what times of the day various devices (desktop, mobile and tablet) are most likely to be used for social media consumption as this may well impact the types of posts or advertising formats you choose to use.”


“LinkedIn traffic peaks in the middle of the working week (Tuesday through Thursday). Optimal times for posting are focused around the morning and evening commutes of 7:30am-9am and 5pm-6:30pm. There’s also a slight peak at lunchtime between 12-1pm. Morning commute hours are heavily dominated by mobile usage.”


“Facebook usage peaks in the afternoon between the hours of 1pm-4pm as users log in to help get them through the remaining few hours of the working day. Productivity and distractions are both more prominent offline in the mornings so there is typically less engagement with posts and fewer end-to-end user journeys completed.

When looking at the week as a whole, Wednesday (hump day) is a peak period for post engagement. A second peak comes on Friday. It has been suggested that Fridays see a generally happier Facebook audience as the weekend approaches, leading to a 10% rise in all round use of the platform and a 10-18% rise in post engagement rates.”


During the week the most active community Monday through Thursday is mid-afternoon around 1pm-3pm. The volume of users drops off considerably post 8pm, at which point remaining usage becomes highly broadcast based with Tweets reacting to televised news and entertainment.

Twitter also sees a drop off Friday from 4pm but the lowest usage day is typically Sunday.

Click here to read the entire article.

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