Bad Habits That Infect Your Emails

A recent article written by  Micah Warren on Ragan’s PR Daily about email is an updated version of email etiquette that struck a chord with me. In short there are four annoying habits that might be affecting your email readers:

1. Abbreviating words that don’t need to be abbreviated

How many emails do you get that end with “Thx”?

Really? You just didn’t have the time to type out “Thanks”? It’s not that I don’t understand what is being communicated. I get it. But it’s almost like saying, “I’m too busy and important to have the kind of time required in a day to type out the word ‘Thanks’.”

2. Responding to an email that has three questions and only answering one

This is another email behavior that slows up the communication process and slows down everyone’s workflow.

3. Forwarding an email ‘as is’ to someone else

Have you ever sent an email to a colleague that was intended for only that colleague? Yes, of course! Every day!

Ever have that colleague forward it completely as is to someone else that you hadn’t intended to read it?

4. A ton of images in your e-signature

It’s one thing to have an organization logo in your email signature. I get that.

But some people insist on including logos of their organization, images of an upcoming trade show they are attending, promotional images of their top-selling items, etc.

Read the entire article by clicking here.

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