About Me

My name is Mike Blaney and I am one of the fortunate people who gets to make a living doing what they love to do. I provide a wide range of marketing services to a variety of clients. In particular I have developed a specialty helping Realtors build their businesses.

My slogan of “Good ideas are a dime a dozen, but implementation is priceless” encapsulates the transition I have made from advising clients and sending them off to fend for themselves to actually implementing my ideas to ensure the success of the concept and marketing plan.

In 2010 I transitioned my marketing business into creating more websites as part of client marketing strategies using the incredible template from Ubertor and WordPress. In the past few years we have developed or upgraded more than 300 websites for clients.

If you see something that interests you in this blog please contact me and I will see what I can do to make it work for you. I can be reached in Vancouver, BC at 604-618-5512 or toll free at 800-568-8338 or email me at marketingguy@shaw.ca

Thanks for visiting and let me know what you think.

Mike Blaney

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  1. ideahome says:

    Congratulations for your blog! I like your ideas

  2. Wayne Zielke says:

    This looks good.
    You have touched on just about every thing I have tried over the years.
    Keep it up and I think you will get some business out of this.
    Best of luck

  3. tetsou says:

    Mike, keep the blog going – great idea and product with inboxFX.

  4. I like your ideas, and have added you to my BlogRoll.

    You might be interested in a business networking site http://www.linkedin.com; if you sign up, or are already a member, I’d love to connect with you.


  5. Mario Parise says:

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, Mike. I’ve subscribed to yours and look forward to more of these discussions.

  6. A brilliant slogan! Wish I’d thought of it myself. 😉

  7. Husac says:

    You can use my photos for free at http://freeartisticphotos.com – all of them are taken by me and made Public Domain ; hope you enjoy them!

    maybe you can include a link to my website…your users will surely find it interesting!

    Cheers, Husac!
    I hope that you found it interesting!

  8. Mike the blog is great and I am about to meme you, but where is the “Contact Me” button?

  9. David Frey says:

    Hi Mike,

    It’s very early in the morning here in Costa Rica and I was perusing the Internet and landed on your blog. Thanks for your great ideas and adding value to the world of marketing!

    David Frey
    President, MarketingBestPractices.com

  10. jimsmuse says:

    Hi Mike! I am really enjoying all of the clever ideas on your site! Being a small business owner myself and seeming to always flounder around in the area of marketing, I’m especially glad I stopped by! I can tell from your entries that you not only enjoy what you do, you enjoy sharing your ideas with others. I sincerely hope that you’ll stop on over at my blog “My Cool Job” and then get in touch with me at jimsmuse@comcast.net. I would LOVE to feature you and your blog on my site! Happy Halloween!

  11. Hi Mike,

    I love what you’re doing here. I, like you, am in the business of helping Realtors use the the internet to more effectively market. I’m a licensed Broker who helped develop a new 2.0 online platform that makes listings much more fun and appealing to buyers and makes it easier for agents to sell homes faster online. It’s called Flash Gallery Homes (www.flashgalleryhomes.com) and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    Perhaps you’d like to let your readers know that there’s free expert photo tips on my site as well. I’m so glad the internet is allowing us to all help and learn from each other this way!

    Keep up the good work!

    Angelina Shamrock

  12. Katy says:

    Really nice blog Mike – congratulations on your success!

  13. I’ve just discovered your interesting articles on your blog. I enjoy reading it and thank you for sharing your ideas. I’ll be catching up on reading your past blogs.

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