Ubertor websites are the most cost-effective way for small businesses and Realtors to have platinum-approved-vendora professional and effective internet presence….without breaking the bank. Realtors pay as little as $ 37.00 a month with no contract to sign and commercial websites are only $17.00 a month.

As an Approved Vendor for Ubertor I am excited to extend a special offer that makes your decision even easier; the first 4 months for $ 1.00. Click here to register your website using my vendor code and let me know when you want to get started.  In addition we are experienced WordPress Developers.

For existing Ubertor users I have compiled this list of 12 great enhancements and upgrades to update your website and attract more visitors.

  1. Update to the new modern looking, easier to navigate, full-screen, Responsive and mobile ready template
  2. Add the Featured Listings widget to the home page
  3. Activate the Active Listings Map This is a great way for people to pinpoint where your listings are.
  4. Add a Twitter Widget to the home page. If you are not on Twitter I can explain the pros and cons help you sign up if you are interested.
  5. Add the SEO package  This allows you to customize the page title with a keyword phrase and a unique title for each page which appears as a more compelling sentence in the blue link on Google. You can also set your meta keywords, meta description (shows in Google as black text) and page description which is used for the site map.
  6. Add wide screen sliding banners  If you are upgrading from an old style Ubertor website we can add new banners or upgrade your existing ones.
  7. Add custom Status and Badges There is a limit to the number of characters, but the font color and background can be customized.
  8. Add a custom tab to your listings to highlight features or important information (Click here for a Special Features sample complete with photos)
  9. Update your home page with search engine friendly content with outbound links. Sprinkle with keywords and have links to other websites; all things that search engines look for. You need to write about yourself, the areas you work on, the types of homes  in the area and anything else related to real estate. This is what the search engines look for.
  10. Start blogging with relevant content to attract buyers and sellers. Don’t believe me? Type a search on Google with the words “Ambleside open house” and I bet at least 9 out of the 10 results will lead back to an Ubertor blog. Ubertor blogs are MAGNETS for search engines and if you do not have the time or inclination and want to improve your search engine rankings then you can hire us. We have a number of “ghost blogging” options available that will get results.
  11. Add photographs to your website. By adding photographs with descriptive “alt tags” your website will be more interesting and the description gets indexed by search engines for image searches. If someone is looking for an image of your city they might be planning to move there! We have a library of pictures that we can use on your website or we can locate the right ones for you.
  12. Add relevant content that search engines can index and will result in the right people finding your website. If you are stumped then let us do it for you.


As a Marketing Guy I get asked by Realtors and business owners about web sites every day. Depending on their technical capabilities and their marketing plan I generally recommend using a template with built-in content management to not only keep costs down, but to control their destiny.

If you are interested in a web site call me, Mike Blaney, at 604-618-5512 in Vancouver or toll free at 800-568-8338. You can also email me at We can usually have a web site up and running in a few days complete with content starting at $1299.00 and if you choose the Ubertor option I can offer you up to 4 months at no charge!

Content Suggestions for Your Website

  1. Get rid of all canned content and take the time to write your own text in its place
  2. Write a good biography that talks about you, your education, past employment, places you’ve lived…
  3. Include home page content that contains your full name, company name, neighbourhoods you work, phone number, etc
  4. Add video about yourself
  5. Get testimonials from clients, be sure to include their full names as it adds more credibility to the testimonial
  6. Make your cell phone and email address known, have them on every page
  7. Add a page to your website for each neighbourhood that you specialize in
  8. Add links to products and services that you recommend
  9. People love stats, keep your visitors up to date with market stats and conditions
  10. Ensure that your full contact info are on your contact page (name, mailing address, phone, company name, fax, etc)
  11. Add some photos of you and your clients, family, city…
  12. Add neighbourhood videos that depict areas you work in
  13. Discuss groups, boards, volunteer activity, meetups, classes that you participate in
  14. Write quality content on your buyers and sellers pages to entice your website visitors to give you their contact information
  15. Add a privacy policy

Listing Content

  1. Add as many photos to your listings as you can
  2. Add a feature listing to your home page, be sure to change it every few weeks
  3. Add your sold listings to your site
  4. Add property searches

Marketing Your Listings

  1. Use Craigslist, Trulia, Zillow, Google Base, Kijiji etc to gain exposure to your listing and your website
  2. Add a unique domain to promote your listings (its a great way to make the owner feel special – plus you could give the domain to whoever buys the home as a unique gift)


  1. Add a blog: write about you, your business, your expertise, your area, etc
  2. Subscribe your blog’s rss feed to
  3. Add the feedburner email newsletter option that will email your subscribes your blog posts – for free
  4. Get some blog interviews from interesting personalities (makes for good reading and adds more “stickiness” to your website
  5. Answer common questions that you are asked right in your blog

Search Engine and SEO

  1. Use Google Analytics to track your traffic
  2. Update your title tags to be descriptive for each page of your website
  3. Register a easy to remember domain name and point it to your website
  4. Pay attention your listing description (for example: adding “Good-value” sells for 5% less than average)


  1. Add Meebo to your site so that you can chat with your visitors
  2. Use Google Maps to promote your listing
  3. Subscribe your website to Google Sitemaps to ensure that Google is up to speed on your website’s activity

Marketing Your Website

  1. Add your website URL to your email signature
  2. Send out a press release announcing your new website
  3. Don’t add banner or link advertising
  4. No listings? Add your services to the “real estate services” section of (be sure to hyperlink to your site)
  5. Make sure your companies website, your mls and any other site you have a profile on is linking to your website
  6. Add a rentals section to your website and let your clients know you will help them rent

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